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Crisis Communication

In a very painful manner, the tsunami that hit South Asia has revealed that, in case of a disaster, informing the affected regions in time can save lives.

Apart from a correct analysis of natural disasters, it is essential that the endangered districts quickly receive selected facts about the situation.

In meta.crm, you can gather GPS data on all regions worldwide and, if necessary, pass on relevant details to governments, local TV and radio stations or hotels and even to backpackers using fax, e-mail and SMS.

In order to ensure quick and reliable distribution of the information, meta.relations collaborates with global fax, e-mail and SMS providers.

Consequently, meta.crm was offered to the GeoForschungs-Zentrum (centre for geoscientific research) in Potsdam, Germany. This institution was commissioned by the German Federal Government to develop an early-warning system.



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